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Stanford Night Launch: Reviewing 9 Campus Startups

The Stanford presented Night Launch, a demo day for the Launchpad accelerator program’s most promising startups, on May 1, 2018. While these companies are still on campus and are early stage, they represent talented teams tackling beauty, healh, analytics, and more. Of the companies that presented at the event, below are snapshots of the ventures that I am most bullish on.

Bringing efficiency to factories in emerging markets

Factory analytics startup Safi’s team presenting at Launch Night

Emerging markets struggle to afford and implement new technology, especially IOT devices and analytics. Safi is working to bridge this gap and rapidly scale their factory analytics across emerging markets.

Safi gives factories free Raspberry Pis to monitor energy usage in their facilities. This data is then collected and sent to centralized servers, where Safi analyzes the data and provides insights for factory managers.

Safi discussed how it saved a factory manager thousands of dollars by predicting abnormal power oscillation affecting one of his most expensive machines. This type of predictive analytics is extremely important for factory managers, and Safi has potential to rapidly scale and quickly provide value for its customers.

3D printed, customizable, tailored-fit gel manicures delivered to your door

3D printed nail company team presenting at Launch Night

The beauty market is trending toward individuality and customization. emphasizes this philosophy in the manicure business, delivering users sets of unique, ready-to-wear gel manicures.

After users send in a couple pictures from their phones, can custom 3D-print gel manicures for both hands. By making the process simple and efficient, its customers can quickly and easily order new sets of manicures online.

Moreover,’s platform allows designers to submit custom designs that users can choose from. This unique customization schema is a strong value add in a culture increasingly spotlighting individuality. is looking to become another household name DTC brand via prioritizing customization, individuality, and ease-of-use. While very early stage, I think the company has a real opportunity to scale operations and bring more designers onto their platform. 

A little cashew milk, a little CBD, all health

Apothery’s delicious cashew milks are infused with CBD, one of over a hundred cannabinoids identified in cannabis. For more on the company, see StartU’s coverage here

The traveling nail salon: similar space, different perspective

On-demand nail service High Five at Launch night

The long, irritable experience of brick-and-mortar nail salons: from long wait times, to the travel to get there, to the inefficient booking and payment systems, nail salons are ridden with annoyances for their customers. High Five is looking to rewrite this story by providing its customers with nail salons that come to them with easy-to-use booking and payments.

Targeting college and corporate campuses, High Five is looking to build its brand with young professional women before expanding their reach to more markets. If it ensures its customer success scales well, High Five definitely has the potential to shake up the nail salon experience.

Other startups at the Stanford’s Night Launch include Loomable, Vital Signs, Ajaib, HealthUp, and Dazzle.

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