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A New Calendar App

Social media has come full circle in the last decade. With billions of people connected online, the amount of information exchanged over the internet has increased exponentially. A constant fear of missing out keeps users glued to their timelines, anxiously awaiting the next update. This shift has raised concerns about the anxiety and superficiality these social media platforms have bred, but we have yet to see a potential solution. What’s next for social media?

The Next Big Thing: Being Yourself

Yudai, co-founder of Moments Technologies Inc and a recent graduate of the UCLA Anderson School of Management, says the next shift in technology will encourage us to embrace our identities on the internet. “Google changed how we access information. Facebook changed how we connect with one another. The next major trend will push us to embrace our own identities and appreciate who we really are,” says the co-founder.

The Moments team interviewed hundreds of students across the United States and found that young people – especially Gen-Z – care about advancing their personal growth and sharing that progress with a small group of people who understand their personalities on a deep level. Over 2,000 clips have already been shared among those interviewees since early last year.

A Calendar that Reflects Your Identity

Moments, a new calendar app, has a unique feature that pulls all live photos and video clips from your iPhone camera roll and rearranges them into animated Gifs on a calendar. Users can then “favorite” clips to create a calendar of their best memories. “A person is the sum of all their life experiences. The best way to understand who you are and share that with the world is to collect and reflect on those experiences. Moments helps you do just that in a matter of seconds,” says the co-founder.

The Moments calendar view sets it apart from other social platforms. The timeline, a widely used format, is optimized to display present information. It answers the question “What’s happening now?” The Moments calendar allows users to see what they have done in the past, what they will do today, and what they plan to do in the future. It’s all about their own life and helps users realize their personal growth by seeing where they were several years ago.

What's next?

The Moments team is planning to release several new features in spring 2021. Moments is crafting features for high schoolers as they are driving new trends in the tech space. The team is planning to release several new customization options, including a feature that lets users personalize their calendar with animated emojis. Selected users will be invited to their pilot program where they will have access to a pre-release version of the app. To apply, you can simply show your interests by emailing


Moments Co-founders Toru Takasuka and Yudai Nishiyama both hail from Japan. Toru is an accomplished technology innovator and entrepreneur. He founded Cybozu - one of the most successful software companies in Japan’s history - and took it public in 3 years.

Yudai has six years of experience in business development of growing a startup, CrowdWorks from its seed-stage to post-IPO. He obtained his MBA at UCLA Anderson School of Management last June. In February 2020, Toru and Yudai co-founded Moments Technologies Inc. Moments is available now on the iOS App Store.

Contact: PR Lead, Ashleigh Hookano



HQ Address: Moments Technologies Inc,

8939 S. Sepulveda Boulevard, Suite 102, Los Angeles, CA 90045

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