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  • Liz Perez

Gift Fairy

Gifting So Simple It Feels Magical

Gift Fairy is innovating the digital retail experience of gift shopping for the people nearest and dearest to our hearts, while making the simple act of celebrating year-round more accessible across gift-loving homes everywhere. I sat down with Dhara Vyas before the month of love to learn more about her passion and enthusiasm for celebrations, and the vision behind her gift studio.

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Today, Gift Fairy makes the act of giving gifts a seamless experience with curated items and bundles, designed with dozens of categories, personas, and occasions in mind. From celebrating anniversaries, engagements, or buying a new home – to finding the perfect present for new parents or your best friend, Gift Fairy is committed to making it easier for individuals to celebrate one another.

Celebration and gift-giving has always been a staple family tradition in the founder’s home, for both big occasions and small moments alike. Growing up in an immigrant household, Dhara Vyas, Founder of Gift Fairy, was taught to never show up empty-handed to anyone’s house, and always viewed celebrating as a source for building and strengthening communities. Like many households, buying gifts in her family was both a cost-conscious and detail-oriented task that has shaped much of Gift Fairy today.

"I remember how my parents often worked multiple jobs to support the family, but we always found time and ways to celebrate each other and people in our lives through small gestures and tokens of appreciation. Gift-giving was a great way to invest in our relationships, and strengthen the community around us.” - Dhara Vyas, Founder, Gift Fairy

The brand is focused on being approachable and accessible; putting the power of celebrating at the core of everything they do – and making sure there is something special at various client price points. Celebration is not just for the rich and famous, and Gift Fairy reminds us of that exactly through the friendly tiered prices of their products and services- even providing free wrapping for the extra cost-conscious folks who maybe don’t want to splurge on the premium gift wrapping or just see it as frivolous -- though Gift Fairy will convince you otherwise, offering 30 personality-packed prints to pair with any occasion or to honor any range of recipients.


Hesitant at first to run with the business with no formal business training, Dhara Vyas almost didn’t launch Gift Fairy as she weighed her financial obligations and career trajectory in 2017. But having worked in B2B growth marketing, and fundraising and development for nonprofits, she continuously experienced various pain points of bulk gifting, and believed she could build a business that would make this experience more enjoyable and streamlined for businesses and individuals alike.

Dhara realized the “one-size-fits-all” approach didn’t always work for her clients, and sometimes even backfired (like sending a bottle of wine to a partner that doesn’t drink alcohol!). Leveraging the power of her donor and client databases, Dhara revamped the gift-giving process for hundreds of occasions, ensuring the person-to-person insights on key relationships were leveraged to align various gifts with their preferences and interests in mind.

Through her experiences of purchasing gifts for thousands of people across varying degrees of familiarity, Dhara discovered online gift shopping is designed more for consumers who know just exactly what they’re looking for. It’s no surprise then that the average woman spends 27.5 hours on just their holiday gifting alone, from researching, to finding and identifying gifts, standing in line, and then purchasing, wrapping, and more. Gift Fairy sought to put this exploratory and wandering customer at the center, with the backdrop of the many occasions we celebrate and with the various interests, like cooking and travel, in mind.

“Online gift shopping is designed for you- if you know just exactly what you are looking for- like buying a sweater. But how do you create a gift browsing experience for someone who doesn’t have a clue what they’re looking for? Gift Fairy is working to make this experience easier.” - Dhara Vyas, Founder, Gift Fairy

Gift Fairy today is always looking to find ways to leverage retail technology for more thoughtful gift-giving- whether it’s adding the “Create Your Own Bundle” online feature or visioning a future digital experience for gender non-binary customers, Dhara is looking for the opportunity to expand and build upon the ease but more importantly make gift-giving as magically simple as possible.

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