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The life of a competitive athlete is extremely difficult. Training is lonely, high-quality workouts are exhausting, tracking progress is burdensome, and coaches and equipment are expensive. As a result, many competitive athletes quit. Dominic Pardini and David Kerns experienced this first-hand during their time as competitive rowers on UCLA’s rowing team. That’s why they’re building CrewLAB.


CrewLAB is building better teams by using data, sports science, and social networks. The founding team, made up of former competitive athletes and rowers, are on a mission to build the product they wish they had when they were training. Their solution is designed to get you started, keep you going, and make you better. It works in three ways:

  1. Individual Progress – making progress tracking fun through gamification and the results obvious through historical training data.

  2. Expert Coaching – instant feedback and guided training.

  3. Team Accountability – strengthening team culture and engagement through a connected digital platform.

In pilots of their training plan, individual athletes recorded 18% performance gains in just 12-weeks.

The Team

Their competitive edge stems from their strong founding team of engineers, data scientists, designers and advisors that met through the UCLA rowing team.

Simon Hoadley, President & Head Coach

M.S. in Engineering, 25+ year Coach, previous Founder

Dominic Pardini, CEO

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Consulting at Accenture, 3-year coach

David Kerns, CFO & Data Scientist

M.S. in Data Science, Consulting at Deloitte, 3-year coach

John Chou, CTO

B.S. Software Engineering, Air Force Sergeant, tech startup experience

Peter Frederick, Chief Innovation Officer

M.S. Data Science, Experienced Coach

Marina Pardini, User Experience Design & Research

M.S. Human-Computer Interaction

Market and Traction

CrewLAB is going after the $5.4B opportunity to make elite training accessible to the 45 million households in the U.S. interested in a fitness subscription. They launched their initial MVP in the competitive rowing market, which is estimated to be worth $245M. A few months into their launch, they already have 10 competitive rowing teams onboarded. They have also established partnerships with leading rowing hardware manufacturers and the national team.

The sport of rowing is growing rapidly, with roughly 1.5 million competitive rowers and 20 million indoor rowers globally in 150 countries. After capturing the rowing market, they plan to expand into the broader fitness market.

What’s Next?

The team is currently raising a seed round in order to develop their MVP into a mainstream product. To learn more about CrewLAB, please reach out directly to

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