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How They Got Here

Cravosity takes the frustration out of planning group dining so that users can spend less time coordinating and more time connecting.

As a food-lover and dedicated group planner, Cravosity founder and Kellogg 2nd year Malvi Hemani found herself reflecting on the frustrations of group meal planning (ironically) while stuck in quarantine in early 2020. Malvi took her newfound free time, computer science degree, and tech consulting background to create a platform that makes it easier for planners to coordinate experiences in a fraction of the time. Malvi also quickly recruited a rock star team of Kellogg students to help build out the Cravosity product – Drew Burkhard, Nikki Cope, Shashwat Sinha, and Angela Huang.

An Easier Way

Cravosity flips the normal planning experience on its head, by putting the outcomes first. Users create a social group on Cravosity and invite their friends to join. Everyone then enters their preferences from cuisine to price point and Cravosity generates three reservations to choose from. Cravosity maps the group’s schedule to available restaurants that best match everyone’s needs, reducing decision-fatigue and eliminating the frustrations of choosing a restaurant with no availability.

At its core, Cravosity’s mission is to help people create and build relationships through shared experiences. While Covid-19 has presented natural challenges for the Cravosity team, it has not slowed their progress. Instead, Cravosity has been able to use this time to test what users want most, and build a product that is ready for the dining resurgence later this year.

Cravosity has discovered that the pain of coordinating logistics is universal and not limited to dining. The difficulties of planning meals, movie nights, concert outings, bachelor/bachelorette parties and more are widespread and take the joy out of the actual experience. Cravosity’s goal is to become the planner friend in every group in order to allow those users to reclaim time back and focus on the things they love, which is creating the experience rather than the plan.

Looking Ahead

While other restaurant booking apps have not addressed the challenges of group planning, Cravosity aims to keep the user at the forefront given that Malvi so deeply understands the problem herself. The team is launching the mobile app this summer in five markets - sneak peek cities are Chicago, Washington DC and San Francisco. To hear more from the Cravosity team, check out Malvi’s recent interview on The Passion Project or get started on your own experience at and join the food-lover community on Instagram @cravosityusa!

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