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AuraBlue is transforming sleep for the many individuals suffering from nighttime hot flashes.

Transform Your Sleep with AuraBlue

81% of women lose quality sleep due to menopause. It comes as no surprise that these sleep disturbances can have a significant impact on a woman’s life given the close tie between sleep and numerous health metrics, including memory, mood, and even risk of certain diseases.

AuraBlue is transforming sleep for those suffering from menopause induced sleep disruptions by offering the first-of-its-kind wearable and temperature regulating technology.

It learns individuals’ temperature preferences throughout each sleep stage and proactively predicts and prevents hot flashes and sleep disturbances by activating the ideal bedding temperature throughout the night – all before the individual even has a chance to wake up. Say goodbye to midnight sweating and post-hot-flash chills!

There are three primary components to AuraBlue’s offering. First, a patent-pending wristband measures biometric data and sleep stages to proactively identify an impending hot flash. It also measures what temperature is optimal based on historical data collected. Second, data is sent to a thin mattress pad which, with its silent hydronic cooling and warming, brings the individual back to ideal temperature. Lastly, a sleek, intuitive app shares sleep habits and customizable temperature ranges empowering the user with critical, newfound knowledge.

Founder Story

Loewen Cavill, Co-Founder and CEO, realized the opportunity to create something greater when a family member of hers was suffering from menopause, spending thousands of dollars on unregulated treatments and other solutions to no avail. It was not long before Loewen was accepted into Delta V, MIT's competitive summer accelerator program, along with two co-founders, Felipe Radovitzky and Emilio Sison. This critical time was dedicated to better understanding product market fit, building out the direction and vision for the company, and gaining early traction. By the end of the summer, the team had already signed up the first 50 waitlist customers!

According to AuraBlue, historically, a few avenues have primarily dominated the menopause space: cooling products, hormones, and herbal remedies. Each presents its own opportunities and challenges, but none possess the same advanced dynamic and proactive technological capabilities that AuraBlue brings.

Today’s cooling products in particular are targeted towards acute menopause hot flashes but fall short in their ability to dynamically predict hot flashes and automatically adapt cooling.

Often, women struggle to find the right temperature – either falling asleep cold or turning on the cooling pad only at the onset of the hot flash.

Shared Mission & Looking Ahead

One of the biggest drivers of success for the AuraBlue team has been clarity and belief in the mission statement. The team knows that this is an underserved, largely untapped market. The majority of women will go through menopause at some point in their life, and it is the shared passion to make this experience better that drives the team. The team is now focused on product development, testing, and go-to-market strategy, preparing for beta launch in late 2021.

As many are already aware, the women’s health industry has been gaining significant momentum recently. While the team is committed to supporting the 42 million women going through menopause today, they also see large opportunities with other groups of people who also experience hot flashes.

Check out AuraBlue’s website here for more information, and if you or a loved one is suffering from perimenopause or menopause, the team is on the lookout for product testers and people who want to join their waitlist. The team is also open to outreach from angel investors, partners, and potential advisors.


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