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Asprodental: A Powerful Yet Intuitive Platform for Dentists

Asprodental is a SaaS company created by USC graduates Tiffany Nguyen and her aunt Kimberly Nguyen, both of whom worked together for several years in Kimberly’s dental practice. Realizing that their dentistry lacked useful software, they sought to create their own efficient and user-friendly system. I had a chance to speak with Tiffany, to learn their motivation for Asprodental and their plans to renovate the dental office. 

Improving Enterprise Technology

From smartphones to connected homes, today’s consumers have access to powerful software on beautifully designed interfaces. However, often times enterprises are not equipped with the same user-friendly technology that is available to the average consumer. In many industries, the enterprise software available to companies has gone unchanged for decades. These systems are crucial to profitability, as they can play a key role in gaining and retaining clients. An easy to navigate, efficient software can save a company time and money but also boost its growth. With a growing demand for new and more intuitive software in the dental industry, Asprodental seeks to revolutionize the industry by bringing a dynamic, yet elegant software to the dental office.

Co-founders Kimberly Nguyen (left) and Tiffany Nguyen (right) pose with their product

Struggles WIth Inefficiency in Offices

Tiffany Nguyen dropped out of high school early, later attending and graduating from USC at age 19. She began working for her aunt Kimberly, who had dropped out of college herself, finished dental school at 23, and founded her own dentistry. Together, they were able to quickly gain new clients and grow the business.

However, the two discovered that their growth was limited due to the inefficiencies in the office, which resulted in less time for both new and current patients. They were frustrated with the outdated software programs that were difficult to use and maintain communication with clients and staff members. This was a major bottleneck for their practice, as the ability to quickly email or text patients is a key factor to a dental office’s growth.

“It’s like the OS of the office,” said Nguyen. “You get the scheduling, health records, the entire operation takes place on this software, so it has a certain workflow. You have to follow what it dictates.”

– Tiffany Nguyen, CEO & Co-Founder of Asprodental

Naturally, Tiffany and Kimberly began searching for a better system for their dentistry. They assumed that there had to be a new software product with current technology out there; yet, they were unable to find one. Through conversations with other dentists, they realized the those dentists were frustrated with the same issue as well. Realizing a prime opportunity to capitalize on a high-demand market, the Tiffany and Kimberly set out to design and create their own solution that revamped cumbersome dental software systems.

Asprodental’s interface allows clients to keep track of everything they need and save time managing their patients

Renovating the Way Dentists Work

According to Nguyen, dentists struggle with outdated, old programs that force them to layer on different platforms for their work. For example, customer management is on a separate program, and must be integrated with the office’s software. Another common issue is that programs are often server based, so dentists can only view information when they are physically in the office. On top of that, often times the interface for these programs are unappealing and haven’t changed in over 20 years.

“The gap between user-interface in consumer and enterprise is getting wider and wider,” said Nguyen. “We’re bridging it by providing something that has the power of an enterprise system under the hood but looks clean and reminds the user of an iPhone’s interface.”

– Tiffany Nguyen, CEO & Co-Founder of Asprodental

Asprodental’s software combines all of a dentist’s workflow into a consolidated platform and removing extraneous steps. From the patient’s first call up until treatment, dentists are able to quickly obtain information like tooth charts or x-rays. Scheduling appointments are made easy and can be viewed from outside the office. Patients are able to sign forms from home and bills are integrated with ledgers. Dentists and patients can even text each other, and it shows up directly in the page. This removes the possibility for unpleasant phone calls or long wait times, which studies have shown 32% of patients are unwilling to be put on hold.

One notable feature is a search feature for hidden information. “Every time someone comes in, the dentist writes a note about the patient,” said Nguyen. “These notes can pile on for decades if you’ve been going to the same office for a long time. Our search feature is really helpful to find information and is something that our competitors don’t have.”

Asprodental also takes into account that frequently the people using these technologies aren’t the dentists themselves — they are the receptionist or office managers. These people aren’t usually technically trained, and therefore work inefficiently with overly complex programs. The founders believe that people would rather use something that is simple and pretty, as long as it works. Nguyen recalls that she recently gave the program to a doctor and told her to put in a note for a patient, without telling her how. She left the room to call someone, and when she came back the doctor was able to figure it out.

According to Asprodental, speed tests show that their software is 20% faster to use than an older legacy software, which is estimated to be 1.5 hours of a workday.

“That extra time could be used to see more patients or spend more time with patients they already have. Either way, you get more work in the future.”

– Tiffany Nguyen,CEO & Co-Founder of Asprodental

Future Markets for Asprodental

Nowadays, many dental offices have multiple locations, driving demand for cloud to connect their databases. Currently, they are targeting the 28,000 mid-sized dental service offices in California as potential clients. Demand for dental software is expected to reach an estimated $3.4 billion by 2026.

Asprodental’s business is a subscription-based, charging a fee depending on the number of users. They’ve been able to partner with a dental supplies distributor, who will now carry Asprodental’s software as a product. This allows Asprodental to break into a market by leveraging existing relationships between distributors and dental offices. They are also offering their product at free clinics, where they not only earn revenue but also gain exposure to volunteer dentists at the clinics.

Currently, Kimberly’s dentistry CottageDental has been using Asprodental, along with another dental office and free clinic that are testing the product. In April of 2019, they are scheduled to do a demo event for about 50-100 dentists in California.

In the short term, Asprodental is looking to build recognition in the market and trust. One way they are working towards it is by establishing a contract with a prominent dental chain, which they hope will lead to more opportunities down the road. There is also a potential for expansion into neighboring markets such as veterinary, chiropractic, and optometry.

Asprodental may also incorporate other new features down the line. “There are two questions we ask: ‘Does it make your life easier?’ And ‘Does it help you take better care of patients?’” said Nguyen. “If the answer is yes, we are happy to add it.”

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