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Aavia Update

Aavia is making your health journey better than your mother’s.

We first heard Aavia’s story in October 2018. They had just recently completed Delta V, launched pre-orders for their first birth control pill smart case, and were in the process of securing pre-seed funding. Now, two and half years later, Aavia has grown from a solo hardware product to a community centered around hormone health.

So what is Aavia?

The Aavia product vision centers around 3 themes: education, technology, and community. First is education. Ovarian hormone cycles typically range from 21-35 days impacting a slew of health elements including quality of sleep cycles, muscle toning, energy levels, sex drive, and skin. By informing women how hormones affect the different elements of their health, women can start to understand what is normal, and more importantly, what isn’t normal. The second theme is technology that gives women personalized actionable insights to take control back over their health. Lastly, Aavia differentiates itself through its inclusive community, free of stigma and shame. The community supports members, connecting members with similar health conditions and a team of medical experts.

Aavia has generated significant traction from Gen Z users. Over eighty-five percent of their members are 18-24 years old. Gen Z users seem to connect well with Aavia’s values of removing the stigma and shame associated with women's health. Users appreciate that Aavia is smashing taboos surrounding women’s health. And while issues surrounding women’s health may be nuanced, Aavia’s message is refreshingly simple: if you cannot talk about health issues, how are you ever going to know when something is truly wrong?

A well-positioned team

Aavia’s founding team all have a personal connection with the problem they are solving. Aavia’s founding stemmed largely from frustration with personal experiences and professional experiences in healthcare, and with the current system’s understanding on how solutions impact the end user. This is why instead of working with traditional health care providers, Aavia’s team chose to go directly to consumer. Today, few companies serve Gen Z’s needs in healthcare. Aavia is addressing that with their physical and mental holistic health solution.

Since October of 2018, Aavia has continued to fundraise to fuel its growth. While at MIT, they won over $50K in non-dilutive prize money from the 100K competition, Delta V, Sandbox, and Mass Challenge. They raised a pre-seed round from angels and Dorm Room Fund and in Summer 2020, they raised a seed round, co-led by a consumer fund and a digital health fund. Including their angel investors in the round, seventy-five percent of their investors have started their own company, which brings even more operating expertise to Aavia.

When we asked Aagya Mathur, CEO and Co-Founder of Aavia, for advice she had for other student entrepreneurs, she encouraged them to make the most of the time, people, and resources at their disposal while enrolled. We also discussed how to be mindful about the culture you create within your organization. As a co-founder, you have the opportunity to build people up and lead with empathy. It’s important to see your role as someone who empowers, removes roadblocks, coaches, and gives your employees the resources they need for success.

We are excited to see what Aavia accomplishes moving forward as they continue to transform hormonal health.

You can check out Aavia’s smart pill pack here and make sure to download the app here.

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