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10 NYC Enterprise SaaS Venture Firms To Know

New York City has grown its reputation as a hub for enterprise SaaS startups in the past few years, and trends show NYC could be competing with San Francisco as America’s premier city for building B2B SaaS companies. In H1 of 2021 alone, NYC Enterprise Tech raised $6.7bn across 119 deals. This eclipsed the full year of venture capital deployed in the space in 2020, $5.8bn, and represents ~30% of all funding raised since 2014 ($23.4bn).

While Series B or later mega rounds like UiPath’s $750mm Series F round were responsible for the largest proportion of the new funding, earlier stage funds are planting the seeds (pun intended) for the next generation of NYC Enterprise Tech companies.

To celebrate the growth of the NYC venture funding scene, here are 10 early stage NYC Enterprise VCs you should know.

  1. Company Ventures Partners: Matt Harigan, Partner & CEO; Michael Milstein, Partner & Exec. Chairman; Nelson Schubart, Partner & Head of Investments Description: For the better part of a decade, Company Ventures has selected great founders building great companies the right way, providing each the ideal environment to build with no strings attached. These founders leverage their community to achieve a depth of perspective and a breadth of network access that no single seed-stage venture platform could provide on its own. Company Ventures operates a no-rent, no-equity residency for early-stage teams and entrepreneurs called Grand Central Tech. Each year GCT gathers ~25 pre-series A companies and founders. They screen for deep domain expertise and entrepreneurial experience, ultimately selecting founders emblematic of the diversity of NYC

  2. Work-Bench Partners: Jonathan Lehr and Jessican Lin, Co-Founders & General Partners Description: Work-Bench is an enterprise technology-focused venture capital firm in New York City. The firm partners with portfolio companies to build a Fortune 500 go-to-market strategy. Work-Bench leads Seed and Seed II rounds throughout the country, tackling some of the greatest challenges for enterprises within AI and machine learning, cybersecurity, cloud native infrastructure, future of jobs, and more.The Firm hosts over 100 events a year, including their flagship New York Enterprise Tech Meetup (NYETM) and other community events.

  3. Fractal Partners: Nate Baker, Co-Founder; Mike Furlong, Co-Founder; Omri Bloch, CEO Description: Fractal partners with exceptional individuals to launch and build vertical SaaS companies that solve real problems. When you join Fractal’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence program, you become part of a community of vertical SaaS founders who can provide support and advice as you build your business. Fractal provides aspiring entrepreneurs with a business idea, a highly capable and complementary co-founder, capital, and ongoing support. Together, entrepreneurs and Fractal create fast-growing vertical SaaS companies that help modernize overlooked American industries.

  4. Greycroft Partners: Dana Settle, Co-Founder & Managing Partner; Ian Sigalow, Co-Founder & Managing Partner; Alan Patricof, Co-Founder & Managing Partner Description: Greycroft fosters a community of over 250 diverse teams, across 30 states and 19 countries, sharing one common goal: Redefining the Internet economy. Greycroft typically makes initial investments from $500,000 at the seed stage to up to $30 million from the growth stage. The firm is an active Series A investor and typically invests between $1 million and $10 million. The growth fund targets investing $10 to $30 million on an initial basis and may reserve up to double that amount over time. The growth fund focuses on later stage companies with proven unit economics, annual revenue growth in excess of 50%, and a management team that is prepared to scale. The Annual Greycroft Summit brings together top CEOs, founders, visionaries, and disruptors to develop lasting relationships. The invitation-only event is an intimate gathering where networking is easily attainable in an off-the-record setting.

  5. Boldstart Partners: Ed Sim, Founder & General Partner; Eliot Durbin, General Partner Description: For Developer First & SaaS Founders. Before founders build their team, or write their first line of code—that’s when boldstart gets to work. The firm collaborates with technical founders well before company creation, lead pre-product rounds at inception, and rally our developer-first and SaaS network to help turn bold ideas into category-creating iconic companies.

  6. Bowery Capital. Partners: Michael Brown, Managing Partner; Loren Staub, Managing Partner Description: Early-stage venture capital focused exclusively on founders looking to modernize business through technology. Bowery believes the shift within the enterprise to next generation business software is a massive opportunity, driven by the prominence of “internet natives”, new and expanding software budgets, and an increasing demand for software by traditionally laggard industries. Bowery Capital is at the forefront of this shift, identifying and investing in the absolute best founders and businesses reinventing the enterprise stack.

  7. Starvest Partners Partners: Deborah Farrington, Managing Partner & Co-Founders; Laura Sachar, Managing Partner & Co-Founders Description: StarVest Partners is a New York City-based growth equity firm with nearly two decades of experience investing in outstanding technology-enabled, business-to-business services companies, with a sector focus on Software-as-a-Service, Data & Analytics, E-Commerce Infrastructure, and Digital Marketing Services. While the firm has its roots investing at the expansion-stage, today its portfolio is primarily growth equity/late stage.

  8. Contour Ventures Partners: Matt Gorin, Managing Partner; Bob Greene, Managing Partner Description: Contour Venture Partners invests in companies focused on information technology, and the application of innovative software solutions into the enterprise SaaS, vertical B2B SaaS and financial services sectors. The principals at Contour have a long and successful track record, having directly supported over 95 companies through numerous market cycles. Contour invests between $500,000 and $1.5 million per round and prefers to act as the lead or co-lead investor as well as represent the first institutional capital in the company.

  9. Genacast Partners: Gil Beyda, Founder & Managing Partner Description: Genacast Ventures is a leading venture capital firm in the Northeast investing in the most promising B2B technology startups at the seed-stage. The firm’s team’s DNA as technology founders and operators gives us unique insight into the challenges faced by new companies. Genacast has deep networks in the industries they invest in and will help companies build relevant connections with potential customers and investors. The firm is also able to play an active role in hiring and team-building.

  10. HanacoVC Partners: Alon Lifshitz, General Partner; Lior Prosor, General Partner; Pasha Romanovski, General Partner Description: Hanaco Ventures emphatically believes that entrepreneurs build great companies, and the Hanaco team is there to support them - as advisors and as extensions of their team. With $400m+ under management in its first fund, and offices in the US and Israel, Hanaco Ventures invests in Israeli founders building companies disrupting global industries. Hanaco values creative, efficient and out-of-the-box founders challenging the status quo.


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